Benefits of A Cigar Humidor
Cigar Humidors serve to keep your cigar safe from drying or going bad. The truth is, these humidors can be quite costly, but as long as they serve your cigars right then they are worth the investment. From a long time ago, cigar humidors have been in place, and they do not look like they will run out of work anytime soon. During the 1800’s is when cigar humidors started becoming famous. Their construction was simple. It only involved a solid wood put together with nails and a hinge.
Why do you need a cigar humidor?
Since their invention, Cigar Humidors have brought with them numerous benefits. They include:

They retain or expel humidity

When you store your cigar in a humidor, you want it to stay free from too much humidity. Cigar humidors especially those made from Spanish cedars works well to keep out excess humidity. Some types of woods succumb to too many levels of humidity thereby becoming porous after bending and in the end, allows water to get through them. In some cases, the humidors do not allow the water to escape properly thereby making your cigar to go bad. However, with a good cigar humidor like the ones made from Spanish cedar woods, your cigars are likely to remain safe as no water gets into the humidor. It also makes it easy for the water trapped in the humidor to escape thereby storing your cigar safely.

Repelling of cigar beetles

While in the field, there are beetles that feed on tobacco. In some instances, the beetle may lay eggs on the tobacco plants. These eggs can withstand extreme conditions, and when they find an environment with the perfect humidity levels, they will hatch. However, when you store your cigar in a humidor, there are fewer chances that the humidity levels will rise to the levels suitable for the beetles’ eggs hatching. The cigar humidors are mostly porous meaning they allow for convenient air circulation and in the end, keep the beetle eggs from hatching.
What to consider before acquiring a cigar humidor
For the best storage of your cigar, you have to acquire the best cigar humidor. Some of the things to look out for include:


The quality of the cigar humidor matters a lot. The best idea is to go for the wood nailed wood humidors. They are porous, and thereby they regulate the humidity levels well thereby safely storing your cigar.


You do not have to break the bank to acquire the best cigar humidor. You can go online and check out the previews available. This will allow you to make a decision basing on what previous users have had to say about the product.
Cigar humidors keep your cigar safe from going bad. In addition to that, they maintain the beetle eggs from hatching. To achieve this, the cigar humidors are porous and use the Spanish cedar wood for their construction. They, therefore, regulate the humidity levels well keeping its contents safe. Good humidors are of top quality, and you do not have to spend more to acquire them.

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