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What Are The Best Car Trackers

Have you ever thought of how driving would be like if you didn’t have a GPS tracker in your car? Many are the times when you find yourself traveling to new places, thanks to the car GPS tracker you can move around without worrying about getting lost. Living in a neighborhood where car theft is rampant, you can sleep soundly knowing that in case it’s stolen, you can locate it. Go to for more reviews
How does it function?
The GPS tracker technology enables you to identify the exact location, the speed your car is driving at and gives you the ability to monitor it at any time of the day. It works by use of the satellites that orbit around the earth, this system works by pinpointing your car GPS tracker, and you can get an exact location. Although it was initially for tracking military vehicles, introducing it to the general public has been of great aid.
The device is strategically attached in the car, and you will be able to view the data on your computer, smartphone or tablet. The car GPS tracker also offers other services such as reminders on maintenance and machinery malfunction.
It’s vital for you to have such a device in your vehicle. It will prove to be quite useful in knowing the whereabouts of your car. There are lots of car GPS trackers out there, but you should be keen on which will be most suitable for you. The following are some devices you can consider.
What are some of the best Car GPS Trackers?

1. The Spy Tec STI_GL300 Mini Portable real Time GPS tracker.
You can hide this device in your car if you don’t want someone to know about it. It doesn’t require you to plug it into the OBDII port in the car. It can function stealthily without raising awareness.
• It has a good battery that can serve you for up to two weeks without charge.
• You can store one year worth of data in the cloud.
• Enables you to set up “geo-fenced” areas where you will receive alerts when the car enters or leaves this places.
• It’s a bit expensive concerning the monthly subscriptions.

2. MOTOSAFETY OBD Teen Driving Coach Vehicle monitoring system.
Just from the name, the device is to update you on what your teenager is doing with the car. It can help you gauge whether the new driver is severe or reckless.
• It entails a coaching program which aids in the identification of poor driving habits and training on how to observe road safety.
• Enables you to set curfew hours so that even if you are away, you will receive notifications that someone is driving during off limit times.
• It is relatively cheaper than other car GPS trackers.
• The sending of alarm notifications is through SMS.
• Setting speed limits is hard. Therefore you won’t be acutely aware of what’s happening.
3. Zubie ZK300112M GPS Tracker.
The device is mainly for the training of new drivers. It ensures driving of the car is safe by alerting you to errors done.
• It has a fuel finder feature that locates cheap fuel near your location.
• Provides you with alerts about the car such as oil changes and whenever you start running low on fuel.
• You also get monthly driving reports.
• There is no privacy of data. As per the agreement, they can share it with third parties.

4. Vectu Portable Vehicle tracker.
It uses the myApsenta application which is available on both Android operating systems and iOS. You can also choose to receive notifications via the app or SMS.
• It offers a cheaper subscription plan.
• Geofencing enables you to restrict the areas where you don’t want your car to visit.
• It comes in three different colors; you can assign each to a specific vehicle.
• The device works when there is clear view of the sky, so you can’t hide it.

5. Automatic AUT-350c Pro Gold 3G Car Adapter.
It offers a five-year subscription plan. You can use it for a variety of applications such as Amazon Echo.
• In the case of an accident, it will automatically contact Automatic customer assistance for medical services.
• It includes a car code scanner.
• Ability to use it with a series of other applications.
• It misses on giving some notifications.
The above car GPS trackers will provide you with so much insight on where your vehicle is. You should also consider the features that will enable your vehicle to remain in perfect condition.