What Makes a Good Quadcopter

Quadcopters are very famous nowadays. Every person wants to own one for either commercial or entertainment purposes. These little flying gadgets are proving to be useful. Anyway, if you intend on buying a quadcopter, do you know what features to look for?
Even though there are lots of quadcopters out there, not all will work properly for you. Depending on the purpose you have for your quadcopter. There are factors you need to consider.

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What is a quadcopter?
It’s a smaller version of a helicopter though it flies by use of four rotors. The aircraft does not require an onboard pilot; you can control it while on the ground. You can use this object for fun, and due to their size, you can even fly it around your house. It can also serve photographic purposes by aiding in taking of aerial shots. Despite all its advantages, you shouldn’t walk blindly into a store and buy just any drone. You should consider the following aspects.
What features make up a good quadcopter?
• The size of the quadcopter
I know that you may have the temptation of getting a big copter because it appears to be more appealing. The size actually matters. A bigger one will prove to be more problematic because it will be hard for you to navigate it both indoors and outdoors, especially if you are a beginner. Rather, a smaller drone is recommendable because you can easily control it. Trust me you wouldn’t like it when your drone hits a tree. In addition, the smaller one is more durable and a bit immune to crashes. The Air Hogs Helix X4 is a good example of a small copter.
• Its spare parts should be available
The problem with operating these copters is that they are prone to crashes. It mostly happens to first time users, but professionals also crash once in a while. You should choose one which you can easily find its spare parts such as the rotors which are very fragile. Some drones come with a set of spare parts but if it doesn’t, you should confirm with your dealer on availability.
• A good battery capacity
You should opt for a drone that can stay airborne for as long as possible. A drone with a shorter flight time is annoying and can interfere with your activities. It will force you to have to recharge it after very short periods. A quadcopter with a good battery capacity can ensure it lasts longer in the air. You can also buy an extra set of batteries as long as your batteries are removable. Being in possession of two sets of batteries will enable you to switch them. You should also note that if your copter has a GPS or even a camera, they consume more power and your drone won’t have a longer flight time.
• Ability to reach a high range
A copter with a low range limit is quite disadvantageous. The range should be adequate enough to allow your drone to soar higher. It will enable you to take high-quality aerial shots. You will also have the chance to explore so many places.
• The weight of the quadcopter
A light quadcopter is preferable because you will be able to control it easily and fly it at a higher speed. You should buy a quadcopter made of polycarbonate or even carbon fiber which are very light materials. For instance, the Syma X5 is very light, and you can fly it with ease.
Other than the above factors you should check on copters with in-built cameras such as the Phantom 3. The prices also matter, but you shouldn’t let the price tag hinder you from buying a high-quality quadcopter. A quadcopter with the above features should be able to suit all your needs.

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